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Royal Coulter

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President / CEO
Coulter Companies

Royal J. Coulter, President and CEO of Coulter Companies, Inc. (CCI) leads a diverse consolidated group of operating companies with $85M in annualized revenues, 500 plus employees, and a territory which spans many of the mid-western states.

Royal is the third generation to manage this family-owned business founded by his grandfather, John Coulter, as a one-truck garbage service in 1928.  During his thirty-four years at the helm, Coulter Companies, Inc. has grown from a solid waste company of 40 employees to a highly diverse environmental services company of 500 employees.  Coulter Companies, Inc. is the parent company of seventeen different companies that provide hazardous waste, solid waste, wastewater, recycling, analysis, engineering, consulting, remediation and construction services to a broad array of clients.  The most recognized subsidiaries of Coulter Companies, Inc. are Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) and Area Disposal Service, Inc., which together account for four landfills, three transfer stations, and ten transportation terminals supporting a fleet of more than 275 trucks.  Important to the local Peoria economy, Coulter Companies, Inc. owns more than 75 pieces of Caterpillar heavy equipment, and most of its fleet is powered by Caterpillar engines.

Besides providing the highest level of service to his customers, Royal has managed to grow his business through fifty plus acquisitions since 1988.  Recent additions to Coulter Companies, Inc., however, have not just come from its traditional roots in solid waste management.  In 1999, PDC Laboratories, Inc. acquired two environmental testing laboratories located in Peoria – Daily Analytical and Katalyst Analytical Technologies.  Daily positioned PDC Laboratories as a leader in the drinking water analysis market, and Katalyst positioned the lab as a national force in the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) market.  With these acquisitions, PDC Laboratories, Inc. became the largest environmental testing laboratory in Illinois.

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